Letter from E. L. Roberts

July 6, 1951 | Filed under: Yorkshire Post

Sir, – When Mr. Alan Bennett refers to British music as a pill which must be coated with sugar to make it tolerable, he is convicted out of his own mouth, for surely it is only natural that medicine should not be liked in too large does.

No one, as Mr. Bennett says, can deny the merits of much British music, but in the opinion of the vast majority of concert-goers, it cannot compare with the great classic masterpieces, which they most obviously do not find boring.

In every field of entertainment but that of music it is conceded that that he who pays the piper has a right to call the tune, but concert-goers are expected to pay to hear a programme which all experience should have warned the promoters would be unpopular. – Yours, etc.


Lynwood, 121, Doncaster Road, Rotherham.