Letter from Harry Kirkby

July 14, 1951 | Filed under: Yorkshire Post

Sir, – In this controversy about the Festival of British Music in Leeds, I do not think quite enough stress has been laid on the counter-attractions, which must affect an audience already limited by the programme appeal. The season of the year, holiday, ballet, opera and various other activities must affect even the staunchest lover of music, particularly when it is remembered that from October last, there has been an unceasing flow of good music, given supremely well.

Whether Leeds is a musical city or not, I am not prepared to argue at the moment, but it is rather significant, I think, that there is a small hard core of very enthusiastic people, a lot of them young, slowly increasing in numbers and demanding that they shall see a spirit of adventure in programme building.

I would like to suggest to those who are doubtful when seeing the unfamiliar advertised in the programme, that they take advantage of any available lectures on the works, and, if I may be permitted, would suggest that they would obtain help by joining our Supporters’ Club where some of the lesser known works are discussed and given a preview. – Yours truly.

HARRY KIRKBY. Hon Secretary:

Y.S.O. Supporters’ Club, Leeds.

20, Richmond Avenue, Leeds, 6.