Letter from L.R.A.M.

July 12, 1951 | Filed under: Yorkshire Observer

Sir, – I was surprised on reading Michael Colbert’s article on “Music in Yorkshire” in last Saturday’s issue, to find that the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra – in his opinion – had been let down so badly by various authorities, as well as the musical public of the North.

I am afraid I cannot subscribe to that view, as I have never known any organisation so pampered and subsidised as the Y.S.O.

The compiling of a programme is an easy matter; the performance of the same is quite another thing.

Every performance I have heard by the Y.S.O. as yet, leaves much to be desired artistically. Forte and piano we get, admittedly, but there is a woeful lack of precision, particularly in the string basses, and no sense of phrasing at all by the whole combination. Perhaps the apathy of the public may be put down to the above defects to a great extent – so who is to blame?


Dewsbury (9.7.51).