Letter from Mollie Bland

July 5, 1951 | Filed under: Yorkshire Post

Sir. – As an ordinary music-lover, I would like to reply to Mr. Ernest Bradbury’s recent criticism concerning the poor attendances at the Town Hall, Leeds.

Bearing in mind that Leeds is an industrial city, I assume that the audiences consist mainly of people like myself. Of course, I love the music of Beethoven, Handel, Mozart and Tchaikovsky, simply because I have heard them played so much. I know them; they are like old friends.

In the same way, with the splendid and continued help of Mr. Maurice Miles and the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra, I hope to understand and appreciate the music of, say, Vaughan Williams, Rubbra and William Walton. By all means let us have works by British composers but, please, not in one large doses. I prefer to take my musical education more slowly. So if Mr. Bradbury will be patient a while I am sure he will see the people of Leeds become musically minded. – Yours, etc.,


7, Rhoda Street, Leeds, 12.